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Mary  Freeman

I was born in Dallas, Texas but spent my youth in South Louisiana. At Lafayette High School I played trumpet in the best marching bank in South Louisiana. College found me in Lake Charles, LA where I graduated from McNeese State University with a B.S. in Medical Technology. I became interested in natural health and as a result was drawn to “Essential Oils”. For the past 7+ years I have been successfully introducing people to doTerra Essential Oils, the purest oils you can obtain.

My hobbies include photography, gardening, and carpentry. (I am an expert at chicken coops.)

I have been a licensed Real Estate Broker for 30 years.  This led me to collecting various properties and thus becoming a landlord.

As a Pulaski County Master Gardener since 2001 I have worked as a volunteer on public properties in the county.  Pulaski County is comprised of Little Rock (the Capital of Arkansas) and the surrounding area.

I have been attempting to start an Internet Marketing business since 2015 with not much luck. I recently became associated with a company where, in the last 3 months, I have learned more than in all of the past 5 years. This company, et al Associates, has turned my online marketing venture into a pleasure to operate.


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Johny Watshon

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